— George Washington


A robust democracy requires trust, and that trust depends on citizens perceiving that elected and appointed officials act with integrity.

According to the AARP, “While jobs and the economy are major concerns, there’s one national issue that boomers, Gen Xers and millennials all think is more important right now: honesty in government.” 

To us, integrity means: honesty, putting the public interest above self-interest, and respect for the rule of law. By honesty, we mean not telling lies of a material, intentional nature. By conflict of interest, we mean refraining from even appearing to have a conflict of interest in any issue. By respect for the rule of law, we mean steering clear not just of violating a statute but also of displaying disrespect for state or federal law. A commitment to honesty, to the rule of law, and to the nation’s interests above personal interests – that is the bedrock requirement for serving in public office.

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Our goals are:

-- to mobilize Americans to demand integrity as a threshold qualification for election 

-- to make dishonesty, conflicts of interest and disrespect for the rule of law politically unacceptable

-- and to educate and inform Americans about the significance of integrity to governing and democracy

We’ll distribute Make Integrity Great Again merchandise as an embodiment of our movement. The hats serve as a reminder that no matter what side of the aisle you find yourself on, integrity is crucial to the strength of our democracy. By wearing our hats and other displaying the MIGA brand, citizens become proud public integrity advocates and activists.

Our dynamic, non-partisan, citizen-based movement is reinvigorating public integrity – restoring it to its rightful place in government and holding elected officials to this higher standard.

As the nation’s public officials serve with integrity, citizens will gain confidence in the political process, cynicism will dissipate, and we’ll build an even better democracy.